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Hurricane Preparedness

It’s never to early to be prepared for a possible hurricane. Dr. Weaver gave a presentation on hurricane preparedness at our September 10th Horse Health Seminar. Download the presentation here

Here is a list of helpful websites and contact numbers to assist you in hurricane planning and disaster response.

Disaster Planning Resources:
-register your family and create a family plan: www.floridadisaster.org

Emergency Planning Worksheet for horse owners:

State Agricultural Response Team www.flsart.org

Disaster Animal Response Team http://fldart.org/home.htm

Community of Hillsborough Animal and Agricultural Response Team www.chaart.org

Bay Area Disaster Animal Response Team www.bayareadart.org

Pasco Animal Response Team http://pascoanimals.googlepages.com/

Hillsborough County Animal Services (813) 744-5660

Pinellas County Animal Services (727) 582-2600

Pasco County Animal Services
(727) 834-3216 New Port Richey
(352) 521-5194 Dade City
(813) 929-1212 Land O’ Lakes

Sunshine State Horse Council-Emergency Evacuation Database

First Aid Kit Items: Gauze pads, vetwrap, leg wraps (sheet cotton or quilts and track bandages),bandage scissors, rectal thermometer, antiseptics (betadine or nolvasan), topical antibiotic ointments, pain relievers (Banamine or Phenylbutazone), baby diapers and duct tape (to bandage hooves)

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