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Florida Horse Wellness Plan

Pay in advance for your horse’s wellness needs for the year and receive a discount on the total cost of services. Includes all core vaccines (EEE/WEE/Tetanus, West Nile, Rabies) plus two flu/rhino, digital Coggins, fecal egg count and a wellness exam. Everything your average Florida horse would need in a year. Services will be provided over two farm visits, six months apart. There is an additional Mobile Service fee per farm visit based on location. Mobile Service fee can be split among multiple owners.

Wellness exams are important to help keep your horse healthy and fit. Identify problem before they arise. Wellness exam includes heart/lung/GI auscultation, oral/eye exam, evaluate skin, hoof and body condition, nutritional counseling and basic soundness jog if needed. Recommended at least annually.

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