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Each veterinarian has a fully equipped practice vehicle, with ability to perform many diagnostic procedures and services in the field including:

Wellness Care: We will work with you to customize a vaccination, deworming and nutritional program to suit your horse’s needs. Our Florida Horse Wellness Plan is a package of the most recommended wellness services for horses in Florida.

Dental Care: Good dental care is the key to a long, happy life for your horse. We recommend yearly dental exams and flotations. We use a Powerfloat to quickly and easily perform dental procedures.

Lameness Examinations: We offer many lameness diagnostic and treatment services including digital radiography, tendon ultrasound, cold laser therapy and  extra-corporeal shockwave therapy.

Reproductive Services: We offer assistance with many aspects of breeding and pregnancy diagnosis.

Emergency Service: 24 hour emergency coverage is always available to our clients. Check out the Is it an emergency? article for review of the most common horse emergencies.

If you have an emergency, please call (813) 920-3697, and our answering service will put you in contact with the on-call veterinarian.

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